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About Us

Our Mission:

To create boundless opportunities across the age range, providing languages classes and tuition to mothers and babies through to adults. We are passionate about creating enthusiastic language learners, ensuring that we instil confidence and competency whilst equipping all with essential skills for life.

‘It is never too early, nor is it ever too late.’

Why we started:

I was lucky enough to have parents who always encouraged my siblings and I as children, to greet people in the language of whichever country we went to on holiday. Unfortunately, the language provision in schools at the time was not sufficiently consistent, nor was it varied or enjoyable. I hated my French classes until I was 14 when I changed school and was fortunate to have a wonderful teacher called Miss Nunn. She instilled us with confidence, was approachable and always made our French classes fun and interactive.

After teaching languages for 10 years, I found myself in a position where I was extremely frustrated with the educational system. I have a strong belief that children should be exposed to languages far younger than what the National Curriculum allows for, and likewise the pressure that teachers are put under to complete menial administrative tasks takes away from the quality teaching that all should be offered. In my opinion, this proves to be detrimental to the progress of our students, particularly in Secondary Education. I also discovered that language provision for adult learning is sparse and I feel upset when adults, who tell me they regret not learning a language when they were younger, say it is too late for them.

Over the years, through experience of teaching both Modern Foreign Languages, English as a Second/Foreign Language and English Language and Literature to GCSE and A Level, it has become clear to me how important literacy is and how our learners in school struggle with the demands of the current curriculum. Being proficient in English is evidently essential for everyday skills required by the common workplace and for everyday life; however it is also complimentary to foreign language learning. Understanding the workings of our own language therefore makes it so much easier to understand, compare and contrast other languages. Thus, we have incorporated English into our language learning remit.

What makes us different?

After thorough research, there are few companies who offer language learning across the age and ability range. In our view, consistency proves best in terms of progression and so Euro Lingual was born. We believe that our personalisation of classes and tuition, alongside our passion, approachability and flexibility will undoubtedly enable our learners of all ages to gain unique insight and valuable knowledge that they otherwise would not have.

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language:

  1. Enriching experience – it’s a new adventure!
  2. Enjoyable and different.
  3. Make your travel more enjoyable.
  4. Skills for life.
  5. Boost your confidence.
  6. Employability/stand out from the crowd.
  7. Global employment and better job opportunities.
  8. Better knowledge of cultural diversity – gain insights and learn new cultures.
  9. Improve vocabulary.
  10. Develop stronger cognitive skills.